Alien FrSky XSR Mount

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Alien FrSky XSR Mount
Designed for the ImpulseRC Alien.  Protect your FrSky XSR receiver and make it easy to mount with this custom designed case.  Designed for the 5" Alien. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow and Purple.
alien xsr mountFeatures
  • Mounts using the rear standoffs.
  • Fits the XSR like a glove.  Once mounted the receiver is rock solid and will not slip out.
  • Small tabs to keep XSR from slipping out
  • No need to remove original heat shrink
  • 38 degree antenna ports.
  • Antenna ports fit 1/8" antenna tubes.
  • Small ridge on top of the antenna ports to help heat shrink stay in place.
  • 1.5 x 1.1 x .6 inch (39 x 30 x 15mm)
  • 3g
  • XSR mount
  • 1pcs 6" antenna tubes
  • 2pcs antenna caps
  • 2pcs Heat shrink
This mount is made specifically for the ImpulseRC Alien.  Here are the XSR mounts for the QAV-R or QAV210.